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Posted by on May 27, 19100 at 06:29:30:

In Reply to: Is there any other opinions, help! posted by Robin Stephenson on May 26, 19100 at 09:28:45:

Dear Robin,

Gonadotrophins (Gonal-F and Follistim) only work on the the eggs you already have in your body. They don't make you create new ones. Women use their eggs throughout their life, until they are nearly used up. There is a threshold of how many eggs each women can produce at each time of her life. As we use more and more gonadotrophin, we only get more eggs up to a point. On eight or twelve amps a day you might get one more egg, but ... at a tremendous cost in medication. The sad truth is that women who need this much gonadotrophin have a very low chance of achieving pregnancy, it can happen, but the chance is vanishingly small. In contrast, the chance of pregnancy with donor eggs is high, in the neighborhood of 50%(depending on where you are treated).

In the end, the choice must be yours. You have the option to choose to have another IVF. If you have two follicles, and can afford the expense and withstand the emotional risk of an increased likelihood of failure, go ahead with the retrival. Its like the guy on LOTTO... "You never know". On the other hand you must understand that, based on what you have shared of your history, a woman might have LOTTO chances of achieving success with an IVF cycle. The rewards are huge, but the chance of success is small.

Donor egg is something else. Donor egg carries a high probablity of pregnancy. If you want to give yourself the highest chance of bringing a baby into your home... donor egg is the way. If you want to try IVF one more time and hold the donor egg in reserve... go for it. Just don't use all your emotional reserves on a longshot.

In the end, population statistics won't matter. Success or failure might happen with either course. Whatever outcome occurs will be 100% for you.

I know that you will consider these facts and make the best choice for yourself. Whatever you choose, Good Luck ....You never know.

Dr. Barad

: I'm 41, my Dr. gave me 2 cycles of gonal-F first, then Follistim, 6amps each time. He said I was a poor responder, however I did have 2 mature follicles each time but low estrogen, 508 then down to 110 before IUI. 2 failed IUI's. Dr. says no hope, I need a donor, I'm not ready to give up. Aren't there other avenues like 8amps or why not retreive the 2good ones, I can't just quit yet. Anyone, help

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