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Posted by on May 24, 19100 at 16:53:41:

In Reply to: A Question for Doctor re: spotting posted by ElenP on May 24, 19100 at 13:03:00:

Dear Ellen,
It is hard to say if spotting is really a problem. It could be a symptom of poor progesterone production, but you say your progesterone is good. Sometimes a small endometrial polyp or fibroid could lead to spotting, so you may want to have your RE do an HSN to rule that out. You should check your prolactin and if you really want to exhaust all possibilities, an endometrial biopsy.

Ellen, I think that after two years it may be time to do that laparoscopy. Many times couples who have "unexplained" infertility are found to have an explanation when the work-up is finally completed.

Please discuss these issues with your RE. I'm sure that the right decision will be clear to you, when you have examined all the issues.

Good luck.

Dr. Barad
: I'm 37, been ttc for 2 years, unexplained, though I have not yet had a lap. I've had spotting at about 7 dpo about 4-5 times over the years of ttc. And of course, it has not turned out to be implantation spotting. Just a little bit of brown spotting at one point in the day...then nothing until my period starts 5 or so days later.

: Do you have any ideas for why this is happening? Could it be an embryo TRYING to implant and failing? My progesterone has been OK when tested and this month ( it happened again yesterday) my temps are still high.
: I'm not presently on any fertility meds

: Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have!

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