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Posted by on May 23, 19100 at 19:33:15:

In Reply to: Dr.Barad: I need an honest opinion...... posted by Deedee on May 23, 19100 at 18:46:01:


It's hard to give a specific opinion, even with the information that you have provided. The truth is that pregnancy is very dificult to achieve for women with a history of infertility once they are much over the age of 40. Though hope springs eternal, you can't try forever. Women like yourself who have had a minimal response to ovulatory medication are very unlikely to achieve a pregnancy by IVF. Probably less than 5%, even at a good program. As you know your chances of pregnancy with donor are much higher.
It's all a question of how you feel about risk. Can you take the risk of failure? Can you make the investiment of heart and soul for a possible 5% return?
Ask yourself what your goals are? Ask yourself what it would take to make you choose a procedure like donor egg that is ten times more likely to help you achieve pregnancy. I know that donor is a big sacrifice but your goal is to have a family. I know that you want to achieve that. I wouldn't want to see someone in your position run out of energy before you can reach the finish line.

These are hard choices. Think about them carefully. Weigh your odds. I know that you will make the best decision for yourself.

Good Luck.

Dr. Barad
: I've seen Tis ask you your opinion and so that encouraged me to ask you about my case... completely different but I would be curious what you think of my efforts and whether I am best to move on immediately to DE, which I would consider.

: I am 43.1, had 2 previous pg (m/c 1/99; abortion in 94) moved on to RE this past January00. Had FSH tested twice (OFRM): 11(1st time) E2:71 ; then..FSH:9.3, E2:46; proceeded to a natural IUI but it didn't take.. then did 1 attempt at IVF: 4 AMPS GonalF(75IU), but only produced 1 follicle (also Synarel, Climara); this was cancelled. Changed RE's and am now at Cornell.

: I am gearing up for another IVF attempt: No Lupron(?). My RE did indicate that my chances for success would be greatly improved trying DE, yet I'm not convinced that an IVF wouldn't take given that my 1st one was cancelled.

: Am I wasting my time going for another IVF attempt? I am not willing to try this over and over again and am very willing to move forward if prognosis indicates likelihood of failure..

: BTW, had HSG: normal, husband's sperm normal, also had Saline Infusion Sonogram for what was believed a fibroid but proved to be nothing..

: What is your professional opinion? And thank you

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