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Posted by on May 23, 19100 at 08:14:41:

In Reply to: Urologists--Schlegel/Nagler?? posted by Zinny on May 23, 19100 at 00:12:34:

We had a similar situation not to long ago (you can check the earlier posts) We also have male factor needed to choose between Nagler and Bar-Chama. I scheduled an appt with Nagler first because he came recommended by a local urologist first. The appt for him at the time was 7 weeks away and it felt like forever so I did my research too and found out about Bar-Chama. We had our first appointment with him and since my husband has had some testing done. We have a follow up appointment in a few weeks. We rescheduled the Nagler appt to be after our next Bar-Chama appointment so that if we'd like to we can get a second opinion on Bar-Chama's approach to solving our fertility problem. In the mean time i've schedualed an appointment with the RE affiliated with Bar-Chama and Mount Sinai (Copperman). On a personal note, although early in our stages, my husband an I were happy with Bar-Chama.
Good Luck with your decision.

: We were recently advised to see Dr. Schlegel, and after several weeks of waiting for the appt. (we're used to waiting now!!) got to see him. He was wonderful and compassionate. We thought since we were patients at Cornell and Dr. Schlegel was with them as well, that our RE and him could exchange info (we have male factor). Unfortunately, he's not covered under our insurance, but more than that his secretary has failed to return our numerous phonecalls that would lead to further testing and ultrasounds for my husband.

: Our other 2 choices who are covered by insurance are Dr. Nagler and Dr. Bar-Charma. After some failed IVF cycles, we want to do our homework and pick a compassionate and well known doctor (hopefully with good staff as well). Any suggestions..we're distressed, and really need your support. This process is unending, but we want to exhaust all possibilities of finding a solution before jumping into IVF again. I understand that we might need to wait several more weeks to see either one of them. If there are any other good urologists, please forward their names as well. Husband had varicocele done which has now become a hydrocele.

: Thank you all.

: Zinny

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