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Posted by on May 23, 19100 at 06:15:54:

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Each cycle is a gamble, but at 42 you are beating the odds. Your response was pretty good and the embryos sound like they were of good quality. If there is no other negative factor, I believe that you have good reason to keep trying... not over and over again, but at least one more time.

Dr. Barad

: Was this such a poor response that you would not recommend to a patient of yours to try again???
: I am 42.10. Did IVF cycle - microdose co-flare with 4 amps Pergonal and 4 amps gonal-f. E2 on trigger day 1,300. A total of 7 eggs retrieved, 6 were mature, 5 fertilizes w/o ICSI (no male factor, but did use husband's frozen sperm). Transferred 3 embryos - 1 seven cell and 2 six cells. I don't have much confidence in this cycle working, but I want to try again unless there is absolutely no hope.

: I do have a 16 month old son conceived on my 3rd IVF when I was 40.8 yrs old. I also conceived my dd on first IVF at 38.4, but lost her at 5 months pregnant due to PROM. We also tried an IVF cycle in February, I had a poor response we cancelled and converted it to an IUI. I managed to get pregnant anyway, but m/c at 6 wks.

: I would greatly appreciate your advise and/or opinion. Thank you in advance.

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