Re: Cornell Doctors: Donor egg vs own eggs at 43

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Posted by on May 23, 19100 at 06:04:10:

In Reply to: Re: Cornell Doctors: Donor egg vs own eggs at 43 posted by TIS on May 22, 19100 at 18:53:37:

Tis has it exactly right. You can't compare donor cycles with using your own eggs. The 15% rate using your own eggs at Cornell is only for the most favorable segment of the population.

Dr. Barad

: I I am not a doctor, but I am a patient at Cornell. The 15% success rate that you are referring to does not include donor cycles. The donor success rate that Cornell reported to the CDC in 1997 is actually 54%. This is not segregated by age because the important point is the age of the donor not the recipient. The donor success rate is from 1997 so it may be higher now that it is 3 years later. Also, I have seen higher success rates (I think 63% at ST. Barnanbas for instance) at other clinics. As for FSH (I am assumming you meant your FSH), if it is not within normal range than a place like Cornell will not even let you try IVF with your own eggs, so the decision would be made for you. As for me, I am 42 close to 43. I know donor egg will yield the highest success rates, but I am not looking for the highest success rates and even donor egg is not 100%. I am looking to have my own child, so I am willing to keep trying with a low chance of success with the hopes I may get lucky. Good luck to you.

: : I have looked at Cornell's percentages for actual pg rates at 43+ and wondered about differences in success rates between using own eggs vs donor egg. I have also heard that the success is related primarily to the donor, but I'm not certain.

: :
: : Could you please reiterate for me, the actual difference percentage-wise for using donor egg at 43 at your clinic. The Cornell chart does not segment out donor egg as far as I can see. It states 15% success at 43(99).

: : Also, can FSH results help making this decision easier?

: : Essentially, I don't want to jump to donor egg if there is a good chance to conceive with my own eggs. I am paying for IVF out of pocket so this is a factor

: : history: 43.1, 1 cancelled IVF(4Amps GonalF)due to only 1 follicle; 1 m/c in 99; 1 prior pg/abortion

: : Thank you

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