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: I have just finished an IVF cycle in which we tried both ICSI and assisted hatching without successful results. I am considering trying again, but have been reading more about ICSI and its risks and would like to speak to someone who has tried this procedure and how they overcame these concerns. I am concerned about the unknowns -- possible genetic defects, etc. Thanks, Eileen Daspin


I have twin boys via IVF/ICSI w/AH. The research studies conducted to date with regards to ICSI have to be read VERY carefully. What you'll find should you continue to reseach this technique is that it's being compared to the general population in which there are VERY inconsistent standards of reporting with regards to genetics, etc. For instance - there has been reports of a very small % of ICSI babies being born with cleft palate ... as compared to "what"??? Cleft palate isn't a reportable "abnormality" in the medical reporting banks. So YES a small percent of ICSI babies are born with cleft palate but what CAN'T be proven is whether this had anything to do with ICSI or not.

Thanks to the internet there is so much information about everything and anything available to the world. As wonderful as this is - it can also be a hinderance. A girlfriend of mine is an embryologist who studied the cause and effect of ICSI for years while it was still in it's clinical trial testing era. As she pointed out - there is so much more to understanding the variables of this procedure than many are capable of actually grasping without proper education as there is a great deal of variance in the research that's been done.

If you're concerned there is a wonderful and brilliant geneticist who is also a pedetrician who heads the pedetric genetic department at Montefiore Medical Center in New York named Robert Marion. If you're not in the NY area he may also be available for phone consultations. Once you speak with someone like Dr. Marion you'll really understand all of the gray areas a great deal more.

Meanwhile - my sons are absolutely perfect and would NOT be here today if it weren't for ICSI - for us we had no other choice and find ourselves quite thankful for this amazing technology.

Best Wishes, Debi

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