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Posted by on May 21, 19100 at 10:56:42:

In Reply to: bad news- need support posted by allie on May 20, 19100 at 22:43:09:

: I was scheduled to begin my IVF cycle this month but yesterday
: my OB called and asked to see my husand and I. 2 weeks ago we had
: what we thought would be just routing, blood tests including
: HIV. Since we have been together for 7 years and I know
: he has not been screwing around on me, we felt
: find having these tests done because we knew that they
: would come back negative. When we went in today, the doctor
: said that all of my tests were negative but his HIV test
: came back positive. He became extremely upset because he
: hads not been doing anything wrong and had only had 2 other partners
: prior to me and they do not have this- and we cant figure
: why this happened. Of course he had an immediate retest
: today but needless to say we are devastated. I guess I am just
: trying to cope with the fact that I guess having a child is
: out and there is a real life threat to my husband and that
: it cant be long until my HIV test will come back negative
: because of his status. My ob said I could probably do the IVF
: with donar sperm but right now I am too upset to even think
: about that- what started our as an exciting chance to have
: a child has now turned into a terrorizing nightmare.
: guess I justed needed to vent- thanks for having this forum
: for me to come to.

Hi Allie!

This was the first post that I read today, and it really took me by surprise and how extremely sorry I am to hear of this. I surely hope that the next HIV test will be negative. This news must have blown you and your husband's mind away. To think logically, first thing first. I would just concentrate on being there for each other, to sort out feelings you both may be experiencing. There may not be clear solution yet, but to every problem comes a solution. I know that things will work out someway, somehow. My prayers are with you.

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