Doctor should we give up....

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Posted by TIS on May 19, 19100 at 21:02:26:

I am 42.10 years old. I conceived my son on my 3rd IVF at age 40.8 years old. I was also successful with first IVF (not counting in 3 to conceive my son), but I lost the pregnancy at 5 months due to PROM - it was a genetically normal girl. We are trying for number 2. My fsh is around 6 or lower and e2 always under 50. We did an IVF in February, I had a poor response, cancelled the IVF and converted it to an IUI. I managed to get pregnant anyway, but m/c at 6 weeks. We just tried another IVF cycle. I was on microdose lupron and 4 amps Pergonal and 4 amps gonal-f. My response was a little better, but not great. My e2 did increase to 1,300 on day of trigger (my e2 never gets real high - it was 1,000 on day of trigger with the ivf cycle that resulted in my ds and 1,100 on day of trigger with the ivf cycle that resulted in my dd). They retrieved 7 eggs, 6 were mature, 5 fertilized. Only 3 made it and we transfered one 7 cell and two 6 cells. I am not real optimistic about this cycle working because I know there are lower pregnancy rates when less than 5 embryos are transferred and when the cell size is less than 8. However, my RE is very disappointed with my response and results and thinks we should not try again. I am so upset about this. Was my response really that bad? If I were your patient would you suggest my giving up? What I don't get is since it is harder to get pregnant when you are older why should it take me less tries than when I was younger (remember it took me 3 IVFs before I conceive my ds - by the way he is 16 months). Sorry so long. I just really would appreciate some objective advise. Thanks.

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