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Posted by on May 17, 19100 at 06:14:06:

In Reply to: ? for dr. - RE: Age, high blood pressure & risk posted by Bethany on May 17, 19100 at 01:44:44:

Congratulations on the birth of your boy!

Hypertensive complications of pregnancy are very serious, especially for women in their forties. Your family history underscores the serious risks associated with high blood pressure. It sounds like you should follow your internists advice and start medicaitons if the BP does not resolve quickly.

As far as pregnancy is concerned, at over forty five a woman is less likely to concieve. Most programs performing Donor Egg would have serious reservations about helping a woman with significant health risks achieve a pregnancy. At the least a woman would have to have al of her helath risks in control.

It may be that your best plan would be to enjoy the blessing of your new baby boy and take steps to insure your health so that you can be there with him as he grows up.

If you do choose to attempt pregnancy work closely with your physicians to be sure that your hypertension is in control.

Be well, be happy with the blessing of your child, and be at peace with the things that life gives you.

Dr. Barad

: I recently delivered a full term (39 weeks)healthy baby boy. He was delivered via emergency C-section as my blood pressure shot up to 248 over 140. During the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy my pressure was 150 over doctor hospitalized me for a few days and it came down without the use of drugs.

: I am 45 with a family history of high blood pressure. My mother died last year at the age of 75 from a massive stroke and she suffered from high blood pressure. I am 4 weeks post delivery and my pressure is still at 140 over 90. My OB/GYN says that the pressure could return to normal (it was 120 over 70 pre-pregnancy, but that it could take time. My internist wants to put me on a mild blood pressure medecine.

: My husband and I would like to have another child. But we are not willing to risk my health and will adopt if necessary.

: Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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