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Posted by on May 16, 19100 at 22:18:38:

In Reply to: I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN..... posted by juli on May 14, 19100 at 19:41:58:

Julie- I, too, lost my mother last month after a 16 month battle with cancer. I'm still dealing with that and now have an infertility problem on top of it. I feel isolated. I have a very supportive sister and husband, but it's just now the same as having a mom to share things with. On a brighter note, everyone says that she will send me a child from heaven. Maybe yours will too.: :I have a sister n law who is expecting her 2nd child and she had the gaull to tell me that I need to get ovet it! I found her to be very unsympathtic specially when my mom was in the hospital fighting for her life which in the end did not succeed she had to make sure everyone knew that she was pregnant again and due on her birthday.. My mom has only been gone for 4 months and only 3 months of sickness. Now when her birthday roles around next month How do I be happy for my brother and sad for my mother. And she tells me TO GET OVER IT! she did not even have a care in the world when she blurted it out. actually left her pregnancy test on the stove so that everyone could see and gaze OHHH, OHHH and I told my brother but it did not faze him either. NO ONE understands this disease or unfortunate circumstance when you can't have kids. Talk about you ICE COLD ICE PRINCESS!! I bet mine beats yours! Julie

: I got really sad last night. I went to a friend's house for her husband's birthday and there was another couple there who just had a baby. This woman who just had the baby...she is extremely selfish and lazy and gets on everyones' nerves. For example, she came in last night and rather than leaving her sleeping infant in his infant seat..sat by him and put her feet up rather than helping out set up for dinner. She has always expected everyone to wait hand and foot on her and the new baby is just another excuse to be an even bigger princess. ANYHOW..that being said, because she really got on my nerves last night. My good friend is pregnant with #2 and I had to listen to them talk about breast feeding. I don't know, it just made me sad to see them bonding when my pregnant friend and I are so close and we had hoped that her next pregnancy she and I would be going through together. Then, we had to listen to the princess's husband act like he is the expert father now because he has been a father for a whole two months..this guy has nothing but criticism for everyone else and mistakenly seems to think that they are doing a perfect job. I couldn't wait to get out of there last night. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I'm actually OK..just a little sad and on edge. Leslie

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