Re: they did ICSI without our consent! What to do?

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Posted by on May 10, 19100 at 09:26:25:

In Reply to: they did ICSI without our consent! What to do? posted by sally on May 10, 19100 at 08:58:06:

: Recently we underwent an IVF and ISCI was performed without our consent..after the retreival we even called to see if there was a problem w/the sperm and was told everything is OK.
: Has anyone else had this happen? now they want us to pay the $2500.


In the early documents you were asked to sign was there anything about "Rescue ICSI" in it? I know at NYU we signed papers which basically said if fertilization was not happening naturally rescue ICSI would be performed and we would not be consulted again prior to the actual procedure being done. In the case of rescue ICSI we would be liable for an additional fee. This was also discussed in our orientation.

In my experience - the only people who know if everything is going okay during the fertilization process are the embryologists. If you spoke with a nurse, for instance - s/he may have been looking at a lab report which stated there was adequate sperm/healthy sperm, etc. However, sperm being "okay" has no bearing on the outcome of fertilization or not. IF the sperm - regardless of condition/quantity - was NOT penetrating the egg - for whatever reasons (remember every IVF cycle is another experiment in high-tech medicine as no two women or couples are the same) there is a very small window of opportunity for the embryologist to step in and save the cycle.

Double and triple check the constent forms you did have to sign. All of the major programs include "rescue ICSI" in these documents. You may also want to discuss a payment plan option for the $2500 since there was a misunderstanding. ICSI isn't just performed on a whim - there is ALWAYS a very good reason for this procedure. Be thankful it was available to you and was performed - without it you probably would have gotten no fertilization at all. I'll tell you one thing - I sure am grateful it was done in my cycle - without it I wouldn't have my twin sons today.

Good luck with your cycle

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