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Posted by Lisa on May 06, 19100 at 21:09:56:

In Reply to: Thinking of changing to St. Barnabas after 1 yr of treatment elsewhere. Need input please. posted by Danna on May 06, 19100 at 12:17:42:

: For about a year, we've been doing infertility work with a Dr. Annos of Short Hills, NJ. We've done everything from inseminations to IVF. At this point, our insurance money has run out so we are reviewing all our options. We need to stay in the area so the options I'm looking at are Diamond Institute (Millburn) or St. Barnabas (Livingston). My first IVF done by Dr. Annos was performed at the Diamond Institute. They were very professional but I haven't heard great things about their success rates and my OB says they are kind of like a factory. On the other hand, St. Barnabas supposedly has higher rates. Friday we went for a second opinion/consult with a Dr. Garrisy there and felt like we were really given a hard sell kind of like when you buy a new car. Somehow, we need to get past the hard sell at St Barnabas & "rates" at Diamond and determine which option holds the best hope. Does anyone have opinions about The Diamond Institute, St. Barnabas or even Dr. Annos? Thanks.

: Danna

Since you have the opportunity to cycle at St. Barnabas, that would be your best bet. They really don't need to give you a hard sell, as their stats show they are the best. After numerous trys elsewhere, I got pregnant on my first cycle at St. Barnabas, as did many other women I cycled with. Women travel from all over to cycle at St. B, and if you go by experience and success, your best hope will be at St. B. Good luck.

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