I am so upset....

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Posted by Leslie on May 06, 19100 at 10:52:41:

I had to go for blood work and ultrasound again this morning. I already had to inc. my pergonal from 2 to 3 amps. It is CD 9 and my follicles are still only 14, 15, and 16 and I have some smaller ones. I totally thought that my stupid IUIs would be Saturday and Monday...now they are going to be Monday and Tuesday IF THEY ACTAULLY GROW!!! I'm so worried that they just aren't going to get any bigger now. Well...if my IUI is on Tues, I can't go to the rally obviously since my IUI will be at 11 AM. I didn't think that I would have to get one more day of monitoring approved by my insurance (they are telling me that I will be going back tomorrow morning)so...I will have my insurance company to deal with on Monday morning. Infertility sucks in more ways than one. To top it off, I don't feel comfortable in pants that button and my belly is so tender that it hurts when I roll over on it at night so I keep waking up and my butt and hips are sore from all of the damn shots. These follicles better get bigger. I am so fed up. Take care. Leslie

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