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Posted by on May 06, 19100 at 07:57:56:

In Reply to: Questions for Doctor posted by Melisa on May 03, 19100 at 19:25:11:


: 1) What causes cysts after a cycle with meds?
The "cysts" are probably corpus luteum cysts left over from your stimulation. It's common to see them. Most REs would advise you to wait a cycle before taking the medications again.

: 2) What causes poor egg quality?
This really is a general question. The quick answer is age, but there are many other potential reasons. You should ask your doctor about your own egg potential.
: 3) What do fuzzy follicles mean?
I don't know. It could be anything from the ultrasound machine itself to something getting in the way of the ultrasound beam. Ask your doctor why they think your pictures were fuzzy.
: 4) If you have poor eggs and conceive does it have any reflection on the potential health of the baby or even carrying a baby to term?
IF you have poor probably won't concieve. If you concieve... you probably don't have poor eggs. I know of no relationship between birth defects and so-called "poor eggs".

: 5) Are there specific questions to ask to be sure that my body is capable of handling a donor egg?
If you have a healthy uterus (no fibroids or adenomyosis or scarring inside the uterus) you have a good chance with donor eggs. Of course you need to have good overall health to be successful in any pregnancy.

: Thank you.
: MK

Good Luck :)

Dr. Barad

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