Re: Q for drs about retrieving 3-4 follicles?

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Posted by Jessica R. Brown, MD on May 01, 19100 at 17:36:03:

In Reply to: Re: Q for drs about retrieving 3-4 follicles? posted by Theresa on May 01, 19100 at 10:18:37:

If Dr. Davis thinks you should have the retrieval for IVF I would "go for it" especially given what you've said about doing another cycle. It's not just the quantity of eggs that counts, it's the quality, and I've definitely had patients with ongoing pregnancies despite initially disappointing news regarding oocyte number. Good luck!

: Thanks for your answer. I am 39, at Cornell, on my first IVF cycle with high E2. I'm on LD lupron and 6 amps of Gonal-F. (Before this I did an IUI with 3 G-F and got 2 follicles) I just talked to my doctor, Owen Davis, and he says I may have a better chance with IVF than doing an insemination on this cycle. But ultimately the decision is up to us. I may be triggered tonight as I have 3 mature/nearly mature and 2 smaller follicles. (I think they only recommend IUI if there are 2 or less). I am veering towards doing IVF because I am not sure how much better I can do on another protocol. It is a very hard decision to make, because if I go through with this and it fails I am not sure I will have the emotional strength to go through it again, and may consider the other options.

: : Dear Theresa: There are many considerations. What is your age? What protocol did you use? Have you been stimulated before with other protocols? Are you on Lupron? What happens if you do not get pregnant- is doing another cycle an option or can you only afford one cycle? Finally, what is your IVF program's recommendation and experience with patients in your situation? In our program (NYU) we have had pregnancies in younger women with as few as 1-2 eggs (although obviously the pregnancy rate per cycle is diminished in such cases). Women over 40 are generally cancelled if we anticipate retrieving fewer than 5 oocytes. If your doctor thinks you may produce more eggs with a different stimulation protocol he or she may recommend cancelling this cycle. Good luck to you.

: : : I am on day 10 of my first IVF cycle and have 5 follicles but 2 are smaller than others. If those two don't catch up is it still worth retrieving 3 or 4 follicles? I am on 6 amps of Gonal-F, how many more could I safely take if I was to consider just doing an IUI this cycle and try again? Thanks for any advice.

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