Re: why is the medical community so dense?

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Posted by on April 27, 19100 at 12:52:34:

In Reply to: why is the medical community so dense? posted by technoidiot on April 27, 19100 at 01:28:41:

Hello Technoidiot!

I'm not surprised that you're so mad at primary care physicians. My own doctor is very insensitive and wdn't do any bloodwork even though technically she could cover it. But she WOULD recommend an RE from her affliate hospital. Of course, not all PCPs are the same. Many admit they lack the expertise, just becuase it is not their area, but clearly acknowledge the patients dilemma and help them along with referrals etc. My friends do have doctors like those. However, most REs don't work directly with PCPs. Of course, that's a problem, but i think someone--hospital/institutes/centers' administrations should inform PCPs who eventually make referrals to be sensitive to the patients needs.

I'm sorry you've lost so much time to reach a decent facility who will help you. A lot of us didn't even know these wonderful boards existed, myself included, when i'd started treatments. It was only my first cycle failed and i had limited tries left that i became more active and informed. And there's still so many folks who've failed numerous time and don't even know this support exists.

Anyway, hope you feel better--even if was to vent off a reality.

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