Re: underactive thyroid results- doctor please answer!!!

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Posted by on April 25, 19100 at 08:33:26:

In Reply to: underactive thyroid results- doctor please answer!!! posted by anonymous on April 24, 19100 at 22:05:24:

Please read my replay to your previous post.

Your TSH is up because you have more estrogen circulating in your bloodstream. This makes you have less available thyroid hormone and gives you the hypothyroid symptoms.

There is no evidence regarding the effect of hypothyroidism on implantation following transfer of a donor egg/embryo. However, hypothyroidism can be a cause of infertility. In cases like yours, many doctors would increse the dose of Synthroid. Your will feel better and it won't hurt your chances of becoming pregnant... it might even help.

Dr. Barad

: Hello again. I wrote on the 21st in regard to my underactive thyroid. I called my RE and expressed my concerns regarding my elevated TSH and exhaustion. He said my TSH was only a 10 (prior to treatment it was only a 5.7 and for over 4 years it has been level at 3) so not to worry and he had me take another test for T4 which came out normal so he recommended I stay on same dosage of Synthroid. I am extremely concerned. If I am on Synthroid and my TSH is elevated AND I have all the symptoms of underactive thyroid, isnt staying on same dose putting my upcoming trnsfer at risk? Retrieval was Monday. If all goes well with embryos we are expecting to transfer two at blast stage on Saturday, if not, 3 day transfer will be Thursday. 10 is way higher than ever before. My regular doctor who is not an endocrinologist says T4 is inconclusive if you are already on Synthroid so it is irrelevant. What should I do? Could this impact on whether or not my cycle works? Please help me. Thanks.

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