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Dr. Applebaum "published" his method on his web page: UTERINE BIOPHYSICAL PROFILE

He has a limited personal experience. He is examing facotrs that everyone looks at when doing ultrasound during ovulation induction.

Dr. Applebaum himself says that:
"Our results are preliminary and substantially more patients need to be evaluated. I have no
illusions that the parameters and scoring numbers will remain the same and I suspect that the
cut-off values and success rates will evolve over time, especially in the hands of other
investigators. I suspect that the quality of the laboratory affects the values but have not
investigated this, yet. I also do not believe that any group of findings will work perfectly 100% of
the time. Such is not the nature of being human."

Beware of the search for the magic bullet.

Dr. Barad

: Has anyone had experience with Dr. Michael Applebaum's (Chicago)ultrasound screening process that is extremely accurate in predicting when implantation will fail. Technique involves evaluating blood flow to the endometrium during mid-cycle using spectral and color Doppler equipment. Has anyone used this process in NY or know about it?

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