PG test on Sun.-last chance

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Posted by Martha G on April 21, 19100 at 09:48:46:

I've been pretty quiet about this, our last FET cycle. The transfer was scheduled for Tues., 4/11 but for some reason all 6 frozen embys did not grow after defrosting. I thought it was a bit odd that all of them didn't make it. But the worst part was that NYU called my home and left a message late Tues. morning with the bad news, but I was at work and they didn't call me here. So, I showed up at the appropriate time only to be told the sad news (however, it was explained to me by one of my favorite nurses in a very sympathetic and kind way). DH showed up while I was in conference with the nurse. You can imagine how surprised he was to see me back in the waiting room and the shock and tears as we both digested the news. The only bright side to this was that we had a few more frozen embys and rather than waste the cycle since I was pumped up on meds, they suggested defrosting the remainder and see if those grew. If so, I would get a phone call in the late morning on Wed., 4/12. Well, we had some good news. When I rushed over for the transfer, 2 embys were at 4 cells and 1 had grown to 8 cells. The pregnancy test is this Sun. DH and I decided that after we used up these frozen embys that we would stop. This was my 6th DE cycle: 3 fresh and 3 frozen. He is totally against adoption and feels he must have the genetic connection. I am 48 now and wondering what to do with that huge abyss in the rest of my life if this doesn't work. I am trying to think positive but at this point, there is nothing I can do to influence the outcome of the pg test. So, dear friends on the board, I hope to have some ++++ news on Mon. If not, I am trying to think about how I can deal with it. Thanks for listening. Martha G

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