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Posted by Serena Chen, MD on August 09, 19100 at 17:43:00:

In Reply to: QUESTION FOR DOCTOR, PLEASE posted by Roseanne on August 08, 19100 at 19:17:37:

Dear Roseanne:
I agree with your doctor: that either way will not make a difference. Usually, the continuous OCP regimen is felt to be better when suppression is desired. For example in people with pain due to endometriosis, or in patients with PCOS. In a woman over 40, taking a break may be a little better (less suppressive), although there are no studies on this. There is very little data on women over 45. You may want to discuss with your doctor the pros and cons of using the pill at all.
Serena Chen

: May I please have your opinion on the following, based on your patients' experiences:

: Would I have a better chance at ovulating, and/or responding to fertility drugs, if I am on birth control pills for 42 days straight, rather than 21 days, a 7-day break, then 21 days again?

: My RE gave me BCPs for two months. Upon reading this board, I notice that some women were given the BCPs for two consecutive cycles (42 days with no break).

: Today I called my RE's office. After checking with the doctor, the nurse informed me that, according to him, "either way" is okay; that whichever I choose (I will be on a cruise during the time I'm due to menstruate, so I am really leaning towards the 42 consecutive-days option), it will not improve the quality of my eggs. I KNOW that, but...

: I want to maximize my chances at responding better to my next fertility-drug treatment. Any opinions or suggestions? (I am 46, so I know my situation is bleak, but I MUST have a FEW good eggs left!)

: Thank you!

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