Re: Back in the Saddle....and a little scared.

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Posted by Liz on August 02, 19100 at 09:03:01:

In Reply to: Back in the Saddle....and a little scared. posted by Leslie on August 02, 19100 at 07:45:06:

I share your concerns - after 2 failed IVFs, I wonder if it's time to move on to alternatives as my RE suggested....

BUT, the bottom line is that I'm not ready to give up my dream of giving birth to a healthy child that shares my & my husband's genetics. It's just that simple. There's still enough hope in my heart (and hopefully eggs in my ovaries!) to try and make our dream a reality.

It's helped me tremendously to (1) stay on top of the medical literature and look for any new treatments/protocols/etc. that I could discuss with my RE, and (2) continue to investigate my alternative options. It hurts like hell to consider these far-from-ideal alternatives, but donor egg/sperm or adoption might eventually be the right choice for us. Ignoring those options doesn't help (and might be just prolonging the inevitable), so I plan on keeping myself busy during IVF #3 by doing lots of research on those other options. If it's time to say goodbye to my dream, I want to have new dreams to hold in my heart.

I wish you the best of luck. Keep posting - we're all here to support each other!


p.s. Have you thought about keeping a journal? Your "Next Year" post was truly beautifully written. I find it cathartic to write - it might be a good outlet for you, too.

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