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Posted by on August 01, 19100 at 11:14:59:

In Reply to: baby aspirin(ecotrin) posted by nancy on August 01, 19100 at 10:44:47:

: Does any one have any idea about baby aspirin for the pregnancy women? I am 18 week of pregnant and got through it by IVF from NYU.At the beginning about 7 weeks I was under care of NYU.I have told that I have to take baby aspirin about 12 weeks which is three month.But I am now under care of my Ob/gyn.And he have told me to continue baby aspirin untill 35 weeks. I am really very worry about baby aspirin Does it harmful for the unbornbaby? I have asked my Ob he said not?But I want second opinion I don't know what I should do?If I frequently asked my Ob same Question he just say if you want you could stopbut it's not like his suggestion my own dission? My problem is does baby aspirin is harmful for long time pregnancy?What should I do? Please healp me.

Hi Nancy,
If NYU IVF put you on baby aspirin it's most likely because you have a clotting disorder (which I also have and also got pregnant through IVF at NYU.) Low dose aspirin helps insure a consistent, smooth blood flow to the uterus. It is VERY commonly used throughout pregnancy. My OB is with Jonathan Scher's group - Scher is the big pregnancy loss expert ... MOST of their patient's are on baby aspirin throughout their pregnancy. The reason you'll stay on it through week 35 is because after this point your OB doesn't want anything thinning your blood as it could cause complications with bleeding during delivery. Don't worry a single bit ... this is very standard and will do no harm whatsoever to the baby - my very healthy twins are living proof of this :) Instead - count your blessings that you have a proactive OB caring for you.

Best Wishes,

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