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Posted by on July 30, 19100 at 18:06:06:

In Reply to: Chaya, I could use your advice, and that of a doctor, please... posted by Roseanne on July 26, 19100 at 12:22:19:

: I recently turned 46 and have not been responding to fertility drugs. May I ask you, Chaya, what medications you were on, and what clinic you are going to which might not turn away us older gals. I would also like to ask a doctor what I might do to improve my response to fertility medications? I am now on the birth control pill. Thank you.

:Response to Roseanne: Hi Roseanne. I wish I could give you a more useful response, but I'll try. I think that response to the fertility drugs is a case by case sort of thing, and it doesn't necessarily lead to a pregnancy. I've done a number of cycles of clomid and injectibles with IUI, and I've always produced a decent number of eggs. However, I've never gotten pregnant. The 14 eggs that I produced last week resulted in just 4 viable embryos. In addition to the IVF, I've been doing supplemental things such as imagery exercises, acupuncture (before the eggs were retrieved), and relaxation techniques. I think that any large IVF program should be capable of tailoring its protocol to older patients. Best of luck to you.

: : I'm 43 yrs old and had an IVF retrieval today. The Dr. said that 14 eggs were retrieved. If the embryos are of good quality, would I need to have the standard 4 embryos re-implanted, or would say 2 embryos be enough. One of my friends had triplets, and I cringe at the thought of going through what she went through. However, I do want to maximize my chances of success. Are there other factors besides age that can be considered?

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