? for Dr: egg quality and length of time on stimulants

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Posted by Kelly on July 29, 19100 at 13:31:00:

I am pcos and have been ttc for over 2 yrs. We are in the middle of our 6th and final IUI (I ivf and 2 fet in past yr as well). Last 5 were with current dr. With past dr 1 iui was converted to an ivf after hperstimulating. That resulted in enough emryos for 2 fets. Nothing took. Current dr is better at managing pcos. For all preceeeding iui's I took 1 1/2 amps night of gonal-f. I usualy stimulated very slowly, for 11-13 nights, and would end up with 1 or 2 dominant follicales. For this cycle I switched to repronex for financial reasons. I ended up responding really quickly and triggered last night day 8 of my cycle with iui on sunday. I already had an 18mm and a 14mm with about half a doxen at 11 and 12 so he triggered before e2 rose to much. My question since the follicles developed so quickly - does that mean that the eggs are of even less quality than usual. I am on met but am concerned that this cycle is doomed even more than usual. What effect does length of stimulants have on egg quality? I go on to ivf in sept if this does not work so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Another question. I told that the primary reason I am not getting pg is low egg quality associated with pcos. For my ivf, if it comes to it, dr has sorta left it up to me on whether I want to do a day 3 or attempt to go to blast. We are predicting I will have a large number of eggs retrieved. My question is - if my eggs have more a tendency of being low quality do I have a better chance of doing day 3 and having the rest to freeze or will going to blast sort out the bad ones so that I do not wast time transferring low quality eggs?
Thanks in advance

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