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Posted by on July 28, 19100 at 14:16:16:

In Reply to: Re: Hopping on the IVF Merry-Go-Round Again posted by debi on July 27, 19100 at 17:46:55:

: : After declaring last November that I'd never do another IVF cycle, here I go again. I had a consultation with Dr. Berkeley at NYU yesterday and it went well. Things are in motion and I'm on their schedule for October IVF. Thanks Pam and Debi for advising me earlier this year not to give up completely.

: : Vanessa

: HOORAH Vanessa !!! I'm so excited for you. Did Berkeley happen to mention that NYU's success rates have gone through the roof since they are now doing blastocyst for all cases? Was October the soonest you could get on the schedule or was this by your choice? (just curious what their IVF schedule is looking like these days.) Did you like Dr. B? I think he's a doll and so, so sweet. I'm very excited for you and look forward to this next round beginning :) xoxo Debi

Hey Debi,

He did mention their success rates! He seems to think we're okay since it's definitely a tubal problem. But I'm waiting to have an HSG because he's worried about the fact that my left tube wasn't removed after my ectopic last year, just cauterized at the site of removal. My right tube is mired down in so much scar tissue, but he wants to take another look. October was the soonest...which was fine because my husband and I was looking at October anyway. I liked him very much and my husband liked him very much. (He wasn't too thrilled with the last doctor.) Dr. Berkeley knows my GYN (who did my fibroid surgery) because my GYN delivered his kids! That made me feel nice because I had a connection with him. He knew my last RE, also, because he (RE) studied under him at Cornell. I'm excited but also nervous. We've had our bloods done and are waiting for the results. Now I'm just waiting for my period so I can go for my Day 2 bloods and the HSG. And I start BCPs with my September cycle. I'll keep you posted.


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