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Posted by Martha G on July 28, 19100 at 09:45:43:

In Reply to: NYT Child Free Article posted by MaleFactor on July 24, 19100 at 00:56:36:

: Was anyone else upset about the New York Times Magazine cover story on the "child-free" movement? Here's what really bugged me:

: I've been hearing a lot from infertility groups about the "child-free" alternative; about how, if treatment doesn't work, some people choose a child-free lifestyle, rather than going for adoption or donor alternatives. However, the NYT article painted child-free advocates as rabid child-haters.

: If that's what these people really are, then I think infertility organizations shouldn't necessarily be encouraging us to join their ranks. People who go through unsuccessful infertility treatment and then make the painful choice that non-genetic alternatives aren't for them shouldn't be lumped in with child-haters.

: If the child-haters have co-opted the term "child-free," maybe those advocating a non-parenting lifestyle within the infertility movement need to rethink their terminology.

Sorry for the delayed reply - was away last week and am now just getting to the more interesting stuff. As someone who has to deal with this issue NOW - done with ART and maybe adopting, although probably not if DH prevails, I also found the article to be upsetting. I know I am very sensitive to this issue now, but IMHO, this is not a cut and dried topic. For all of us who surround ourselves with the desire to have families and our efforts in almost every aspect of our lives are geared in that direction, it is hard to take. Sure, I am annoyed by the screaming babies on airplanes. Would I feel differently if it were my child making the noise? How do I know? But for those who make the decision not to have a child v. those who have that potential situaion thrust upon us, it is a difficult article to read and to understand. Regards, Martha G

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