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Posted by Susie in MS on July 28, 19100 at 01:11:35:

my history...
ttc#2 without any meds for a very long 10 years.
tried clomid to no avail for 3 months in 1993.

I have had very, very regular cycles- like clockwork all running from 28 - 35 days......very predictable.

And just recently learned that one could have periods and not ovulate. Wow. Very hugh misconception I have over all these years. :o( I must be biggest dummy

Is it possible to have had all those "so-very-regular-textbook-examples-called periods" and not ovulate at all?
Or am I ovulating, but just not quality ovulating?
And if the latter is true, what can I do "over-the-counter" to make it better?

I have had my first appointment with an RE and he has prescribed 1500mg metformin. Will this help my egg quality?
I just started charting on and noticed for past 5 days a sudden temp rise and watching to see if it stays in that high range.

Any thoughts from you would be greatly appreciated.
~susie in Mississippi :o)

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