Re: Q for all who have received a negative beta

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Posted by Kelly on July 22, 19100 at 11:56:11:

In Reply to: Q for all who have received a negative beta posted by Liz (again) on July 21, 19100 at 14:52:15:

Tne nurse calls with iui results and the dr does call himself with the ivf results. I am used to it. But he is very receptive to phonecalls if need be . At this point I do not think I have seen him in 2 months and I have done 2 iuis. Usually I make my follow up appt early in the cycle that way it is a month ahead of time and it is there if I need it. Which Iusually do. It takes some stress off otherwise I get very upset when I can't get in to see him when I need to. When I do go I make him go over extended plans so I know what I am doing if and when it fails. OF couse this past cycle the nurse called and I wanted to change my meds for the next cycle and he is on vacation. so I am hoping there is a compentent physicians assistant in on Sunday when I go in for my day 3 bloods (last and final iui). Sorry about yr news. I know how you feel and venting here helps.

: I was APPALLED earlier today that my RE had a nurse call me with the news of my negative beta, and he didn't even follow-up with a phone call to discuss the situation! And, it turns out he doesn't have follow up appointments for "failed cyles" for two damn months!!!

: My questions are:
: 1) Shouldn't I expect to hear directly from my RE after a failed cycle?
: 2) Isn't two months a bit long to wait for a follow-up appointment?

: I'm upset enough that the beta was negative. My RE's insensitivity just compounds my pain and anger. OK, gotta go have a good cry now....

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