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Posted by Lucia on July 21, 19100 at 21:50:47:

In Reply to: Thanks Lucia... posted by Leslie on July 21, 19100 at 21:09:59:

We all know that words here are not written to offend anyone. Nothing you said was offensive. My response to your posts was to offer some words of support and empathy, while also expressing a personal perspective based on my own life experience. Don't give up on your dream. Perhaps you should give yourself a break for a few months, then maybe you can try again. I know in my heart that you will realize your dream. Good luck!

: I have also found this board very informative and often times my greatest source of support. I could cry while saying this..but I don't know what I would do without the people that I have met through this board. I am so thankful for that.
: The thing that hurts me is that I just posted something that I had written. I didn't say anything negative about older mothers..I don't even really think anything negative about older mothers. I just never wanted to be one...I also don't want to be a red head. I don't want to be a fireman. I don't want to go on a roller coaster that goes upside down. I don't want to eat green eggs and ham. That doesn't mean that I think that they are bad for other people.
: I also never said that older moms chose to be infertile. I said that my friends who were younger moms made their life choices...and they were wonderful moms.
: Heck, Lucia..I never even asked for support or even anyone to respond to me when I wrote that post. And I would certianly NEVER suggest that my pain was worse than anyone fact, that is something that totally bothers me..when someone says that to someone else.
: I was just stating my deepest feelings...that was it.
: The funny thing is..the 3 of you that responded to me don't even really know me that well. If you did, you would realize that I really don't have the time left that you think that I do. I am 30 years old and my FSH is already a little bit elevated. I too, am preparing to close the door on fertility treatment. In the next couple of months, I will be deciding on weather to make IVF a possibility for me or to adopt.
: I used to feel really safe posting things that I have written or deep thoughts that I have on this board. I never once felt judged. I now feel totally judged and I feel as if my words were totally twisted and I feel like I was in a position to defend myself.
: I apologize if I offended certainly wasn't meant to offend anyone and I will certainly think twice before giving so honestly of myself on this board.
: Leslie

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