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Posted by Kathy on July 21, 19100 at 09:19:30:

In Reply to: Just a side note for what it is worth posted by Leslie on July 21, 19100 at 08:10:29:

: While we all make life choices, we (I) haven't chosen to be infertile, at a young age or an older age. Please don't compare who has a worse situation. We should not compete for who has more of a right to feel sorry for themselves. It is true that some of us do have a worse diagnosis or situation, or have been through more bad things than others. I know that. But this is bad for all of us. I'm sure none of us "dream" ti be an "older mom". We will thank God whenever we will be a mom. And unfortuantely, none of us can have everything we dream of. My dream is to be a mom, and at this point, I've given up on the dream of being a young mom. It just isn't , can't happen to me at this point and I just dream to be a mom , period. I know haw sad you are feeling, Leslie. I feel it too.

I happen to be an educated young person...but I don't think that would make me a better mother than people I know who only graduated from high school...these people are amazing mothers. The were also honor students who knew that they wanted to start families and not go to college. We all make our life choices. Leslie

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