Dr: IVM and Cytoplasmic transfer in US/Canada??

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Posted by wendi on July 21, 19100 at 08:41:30:

I read the MVED listserve and found this interesting post by a member, thought we should consider these procedures and
ask our RE's about them. I would be interested in hearing various responses especially where it concerns US/Canadian
clinics. I have heard about Cytoplasmic transfer but I think it is NOT done in the US at this time, why? I don't know.

IVM is in-vitro maturation. This is a new and experimental technique where the immature eggs are taken from the follicles
and then matured in a lab. It has been carried out successfully a few times in Canada, and I think in America. As far as I
know, it was developed for people with PCO to avoid the danger of hyperstimulating, but I have an idea that it could be
suitable for POF also. Some people with POF still have some follicles left in their ovaries which just don't respond to FSH
(like a faulty connection) so if the eggs can be removed and matured in a lab they can then be fertilised and hopefully a
pregnancy can be achieved. Does anyone have any more info on this? I have a feeling that in the UK the Hammersmith and
also somewhere in Leeds may be doing research into this and wondered if all the UK girls could ask at their clinics if they
can give us any more info on where and when this is available. I for one would be quite happy to be "experimented" on, what
do I have to lose?!

Another technique to ask about is "cytoplasmic transfer". This is, very briefly, when a donor egg is "cleaned out" and then
the genetic information from the recipient is inserted in its place. This results in an egg which is almost completely
genetically your own. If we can all ask our clinics about these two new techniques, we can then pool all the information and
hopefully be included in one of these programmes. Whilst I would happily use a donor egg, I would rather have a baby who is
genetically related to me, as I am sure everyone would, if given a choice.

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