please, everyone read this- I could use some help

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Posted by on July 20, 19100 at 22:02:22:

Hi everyone- remember me? I posted on this board about 4 months ago- I was the one who was at the final stages of IVF and was set to go this month but as
we finalized every thing we had the mandatory HIV test
which we thought was just a formality since we have been together for more than 7 years and neither one of us had any risk factors.
The day before I was to start the medications for IVF my ob call me and told us that my husband's HIV test was positive. we were of course devasted - had a retest and
his came back again positive. Mine on the other hand is negative. We decided to put off the IVF and
concentrate on getting my husband help.
Well, I am happy to say, even though he is HIV +, his doctor said he sould be fine if he takes his
medications as prescribed. He even cleared us to go ahead with the IVF, using donar sperm.
I called my OB and attempted to begin again and find out about donor sperm.
Here now is my problem- I called her twice this week and left her a message with the above info and she has not returned my calls.
I know she is in and not away and think she now doesn't want to help me.
I would like to go ahead and would like it if anyone could tell the name of
some doctors who may help us? I will be 42 next year and have very little time.
Is there any reason that I could not be accepted for IVF based on the fact that my husband is
HIV+? We want to go donor but know nothing about it and will not waste time if no one will help
us due to his HIV status......Please, anyone....what is the story? I appreciate all the support and guidance that anyone
can offer.......allie

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