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Posted by on July 17, 19100 at 18:56:14:

In Reply to: Re: Q for Pam re: where to sell extra meds posted by Lisa on July 17, 19100 at 17:59:19:

: : Hi Pam,

: : I have extra meds left over that expire in November, and would like to advertise them (I'm hoping to regain my insurance co-pay). Can you suggest an on-line forum? Additionally, if I can't sell them I will then donate them. Can I do so on this site since at that point it won't be a sale?

: There are many women who are in need of your meds. You cannot advertise them on this board, but there are other boards where you can advertise them. I know the AIA has a firm stand against sharing drugs, but if not for my creative buying from other women through my 5 IVF cycles, I would not have been able to afford to continue. My son is proof that drugs from other women work. I have never had a problem with this.
: I know many RE's accept donations which they claim to pass on to needy women. This would be the next best option if you can't sell them. I don't really understand why this is different than passing them on to women directly, but again, the AIA strongly discourages this practice. It the drugs are good enough for the doctors to hand out, why not a direct exchange? Perhaps Pam can comment on this.
: I don't mean to start a debate on the topic, but it is a sensitive subject for me in light of what I have been through myself. I support the AIA, but this is one issue I have to strongly disagree with. Until an insurance mandate is passed, I would think the AIA would be behind helping women network to help each other through this process.

Dear Lisa,
There really isn't any difference between giving them to patients or giving them to the doctors offices by the recipient's point of view and some offices will not accept or distribute used medications for the reasons that I mentioned above. But is seems like a better option for patients who just can't stand throwing away the medications and it keeps them out of the illegal practice of reselling them mediciation. But quite honestly, I probably should not have suggested it. Yes, the AIA has strong positions on this issue and the position comes from wanting to support patients and keep them safe. I am so glad that you had a good experience, but I talk to literally thousands of patients and professionals and trust me there are horror stories as well, especially with foreign product. I truly understand the financial aspect of all of this from a personal perspective. My oldest son is now twelve years old and we are now finally out of debt from his conception. I have spent a what it feels like a lifetime in Albany and in Washington trying to create change. I do understand and so does my wonderful board of directors. But we also believe that we have to warn patients about safety and legal issues. Sometimes taking a stand on something ruffles feathers, but on this issue, I can stand the heat if I can prevent one more horror story. The FDA has been investigating this issue, long before AIA took a stand, and I would also not like unsuspecting patients to get in a legal difficulty because of ignorance. That is my job.
Lisa, we don't need to debate, I agree, but when you use the word supportive or wanting AIA to stand behind our community, please understand that from our point of view we are doing just that.
all the best,

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