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Posted by Leslie on July 16, 19100 at 13:40:10:

In Reply to: Thoughtless SIL (vent) posted by SR on July 16, 19100 at 13:12:29:

Insensitive and highly ignorant family members stink. Even with knowing my (more than one)diagnosis and with me explaining to them over and over again that me relaxing and not thinking about it will not make me members, especially my in-laws continue to make that very same comment. I decided that I am just not going to discuss anything with anyone in the family except my Sister-In Law anymore. She says some things that bother me..but I think that she really does try to be helpful and she is open to things that I say.
We had a birthday party last night for my Mother-In-Law. Knowing that my husband and I might adopt a child that is a minority, someone in the family called someone the "N" word and proceeded to smile like it was the most clever thing she could have ever said in her entire life. I don't appreciate that kind of STUPIDITY anyhow..but now I am even more sensitive to it. I wanted to jump across the table and choke her.
Anyhow..hang in isn't easy. ((((hugs)))) Leslie

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