Dr. please respond need input....

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Posted by Carolyn on July 14, 19100 at 12:22:53:

Here's my history. Ruptured ectopic, right tube gone. Had hsg that
showed left tube is normal and patent. Also had lap and
everything looked fine.

Tried 3 cycles clomid and 3 IUI's. Did 6 IVF's, got pregnant
on 4th fresh cycle but had a miscarriage at 7 weeks.

All of my IVF cycles have been perfect according to my Dr.
but no implantation except the one time. (High quality
embryo's, thick lining)

I'm slowly losing hope and don't know what my next step
should be. What would you advise someone with my history
to do? Do you think I should get another hsg to see if
the left tube is still patent? Please advise. Thank you!

On a bright note I did adopt a baby boy from Russia last
December, but the need to know what's wrong is still there.


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