Re: Could the infertility be from my inner thoughts?

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Posted by Lauren C. on July 13, 19100 at 10:43:21:

In Reply to: Could the infertility be from my inner thoughts? posted by DS on July 12, 19100 at 21:59:27:

:Frankly, that therapist sounds like a jerk and if I was you, I wouldn't give him another penny of my money. I remember my GYN from a long time ago (prior to my seeing an RE) telling me that I should relax and take a vacation, that stress was preventing me from getting pregnant. Well, if she would have sent my husband for a sperm analysis she would have seen that immobile sperm was preventing me from getting pregnant, not stress. And all the vacations I could take and all the relaxation in the world wasn't going to help my husband's sperm move any faster.
Ignorant doctors who try to make you feel guilty are not going to help your infertility problem. I get sick to my stomach and angry just knowing that these jerks are practicing medicine. However, there are intelligent, knowledgable doctors out there who can help you.
I posted a note to Nina on 7/11 responding to her request for an excellent therapist who is experienced in infertility. I hope you will call her, and please tell her you got her name from me on the AIA message board. Good luck. Lauren C.

My husband and I have been going through various infertility treatments for about a year and a half now. Like many others, I have my good days & bad days with the situation. Today had been an ok day until I went to a therapist appointment where I try to make sure I have more good than bad days. He said that it's possible that inner conflicts could lead to unexplained infertility as the mind is very powerful. Now my ok day has turned into a bad day as I'm worried that some reservations I may have might be causing the whole problem. Any thoughts?

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