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Posted by Dr. Licciardi on July 12, 19100 at 08:52:00:

In Reply to: DR. LICCIARDI, I COULD USE YOUR ADVICE PLEASE!! posted by Roseanne on July 11, 19100 at 11:14:03:

: Dear Dr. Licciardi:

: Welcome to this board, and thank you for volunteering your time. I have seen you on television, and I would value your advice.

: I have been trying to get pregnant since the age of 38, when I got married. A few years were "lost" due to my living in the Caribbean where there were no fertility doctors. I recently turned 46, and I am desperate to give it all I have to try to get pregnant with MY OWN eggs.

: I have an excellent doctor here in South Florida. He is very kind and caring, but he basically tells me that it would be a MIRACLE if I got pregnant. He says I have "false hope", but is not going to say no to my wanting to try "just one more time" (which I've been saying more than once.)

: I first tried a "double dosage" of Clomid. I produced two eggs, but the insemination failed.

: I later was on 8 vials a day of Gonol-F, which produced absolutely NOTHING (I did not ovulate), so I went off the medication.

: About two months later, I tried 8 vials a day of Pergonal, which also produced nothing.

: Now I am waiting for my period (it's been day 35, but my cycle is usually prolonged after taking fertility medication), and my next step is to go on the pill for two months. My doctor says there is some indication that suppressing ovulation might bring it on better, or whatever.

: So, I will try again in about two months.


: Thank you!
Dear Roseanne,
Your age alone would not exclude you from doing an IVF cycle at NYU. However because you do not respond to medications, I could not retieve eggs and therefore you are not a candidate for IVF or any other treatment outside of DE. Your chance of getting pregnant is not zero, it may be a few percentage points. However your chances are the same with or without therapy. in otherwords you hances of getting pregnant naturally are the same as your chances with treatment. FL

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