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Posted by Larry Grunfeld, MD on July 10, 19100 at 10:37:33:

In Reply to: ovulation kits posted by Linda on July 10, 19100 at 04:18:39:

The 4 minute test predates the one step. The one step was devised more recently. In theory, ovuquick can predict ovulation a day in advance. Other kits that are performed first morning may turn positive on the same day. Both are fine as long as you can get to your doctor on the proper day. Some doctors need to know you are coming the day before. Other offices have a "monitoring time" in the morning when you can show up without an appointment.

In either case, it is important to corelate your response with sonography. Once you have established the relationship of your LH surge to the follicle size you can better assess the proper timing of your fertility procedure.

Larry Grunfeld, MD

: My physician strongly recommends ovuquick ovulation predictors, claims they consistantly provide the most accurate results. However, I find 2 versions: a "one-step" for urine stream testing and a "4 minute" with several complicated mixing steps. Suspiciously, the simple test is cheaper, comparable to most other midstream brands. Does anyone here know if the 2 versions are equally reliable? I prefer the easy one, but worry that the 4 minute version may have superior detection chemistry - perhaps the company has put out a midstream test that is no better or worse than other brands just to be competetive.

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