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Posted by Lauren C. on July 08, 19100 at 10:57:52:

In Reply to: medical negligence? help!!! posted by Lorraine Katz on July 07, 19100 at 11:29:10:

:I also have underactive thyroid and have been taking Synthroid for years. My understanding is that it takes about a month for a change in dosage to take effect. Maybe that's why your doctors decided to go ahead with your cycle at the time. But I'm not a doctor. Lauren C.

What would you do if you found out after your failed DE cycle at a leading IVF program that your doctor's inappropriate response to a medical condition made it likely that the cycle would fail? I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid several years ago and take thyroid replacement hormone. While under my doctor's care my thyroid hormone dropped enough that I began to have symptoms just prior to donor's retrievel. At my prompting my RE ordered a blood test which confirmed it. I asked him if we shouldn't increase my dosage and he said he and the rest of the staff felt it was unnecessary. I told him I was concerned more than once and he said not to worry. When they called regarding the pregnancy test I was told my beta level was low and it was more than likely a chemical pregnancy caused by poor genetic material from the donor. Subsequebtly I went to an endocrinologist who said it would have been so easy to just increase my thyroid hormone dosage right away and that would have given me the best odds of conception and having a normal child. He said, "It is wellknown that the heightened estrogen levels from pregnancy ofetn cause hypothyroid conditions even in women who were not previously hypothyroid and some one who is already should have been closely monitored. The consequences of underactive thyroid are no conception, miscarriage or a retarded child." Have any of you had a similar experience and or any experience where your RE clearly screwed up and had them offer you another attempt? Help. Lorraine

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