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Posted by Larry Grunfeld, MD on July 06, 19100 at 12:20:33:

In Reply to: QUESTION FOR DOCTOR, PLEASE posted by Roseanne on July 06, 19100 at 10:56:33:

It is unfortunate that the human ovary has very few fertile eggs in it after age 45. Despite ovulating normally, the ovary rarely produces eggs that have the normal number of chromosomes in them. We don't know why the eggs' chromosomes don't line up properly, but these are the facts.
While pregnancy does rarely occur in women over 45, the rate of success is below 5%. This is the reason that donor egg is so popular.
All of the couples undergoing donor egg have the same desire and thoughts about their own eggs as you. Let me encourage you to attend one of the AIA seminars on egg donation.
It sounds as if your RE is intelligent and sensitive, so follow their advice.
Good luck and hopefully you will beat the odds.

Larry Grunfeld, MD

: Dear Doctor:

: Is there ANY hope for a 46-year-old (like me and another post-er, Carol) who have not responded well to Pergonal or Gonol-F?

: I simply cannot believe that I don't have at least one good egg that would fertilize. Maybe my prior attempts were just "bad months"?? I did better on a high dosage of Clomid, but even then only produced two eggs--but at least that was something. My doctor says I have "false hope", but he is sympathetic to my wanting "just another try". He is putting me on birth control pills for two months first. Then we'll start again.

: What do you think about the birth-control-pill idea?

: I know that the quality and quantity of our eggs diminish as we age, but I refuse to sit back and allow my body to tell me I'm over the hill as far as being a mother is concerned. What about all those women who conceive in their 40s, with some even in their 50s?

: Thanks for any comment you might have, doctor.

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