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Posted by Lucinda on July 06, 19100 at 10:47:45:

In Reply to: Re: AIA's Letter To Good Morning America (we thought that you might like to read this) posted by Linda on July 06, 19100 at 01:10:38:

Great letter, but I repeat: Dr. Snyderman herself must have had fertility treatments: she is obviously well over 40, perhaps 50, and she has a 5 year-old. All the more reason why she should be compassionate and empathetic to others, particularly older women trying to conceive.

: : June 23, 2000

: : Sarah Adler
: : Producer
: : Good Morning America
: : 147 Columbus Ave.
: : NY, NY 10023

: : Dear Sarah:

: : Thanks to you and "Good Morning America" for shedding a much needed spotlight
: : on the issues involved in purchasing infertility medications over the
: : Internet. It was a balanced, well thought out piece and a story that needed to be told.

: : On behalf of The American Infertility Association I was, however, deeply
: : troubled by Dr. Nancy Snyderman's comment implying that some people are just meant
: : to be infertile. I cannot imagine such a comment being made about people
: : suffering from any other disease. Are some people, for example, just meant to
: : have cancer? Infertility is a disease like any other in the sense that it
: : demands appropriate treatment and compassionate care. Dr. Snyderman's comment has
: : caused anguish in a portion of the population that is already struggling with
: : the medical, financial, and emotional demands of infertility, often without
: : benefit of insurance coverage.

: : Our membership appreciates your efforts to educate the public about the
: : complex issues infertile people grapple with every day, and it is our hope that you
: : will continue to expand your efforts in this area. We hope, too, that aside
: : from educating the public about the facts and the issues, you will help build the
: : awareness that infertility is a disease that deserves to be fought with all
: : the science, technology, and compassion we can muster.
: :
: : Sincerely,

: : Carolyn Berger
: : AIA Chair

: Great letter, Carolyn.

: Linda

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