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Posted by Lucinda on July 04, 19100 at 19:02:39:

In Reply to: 46 AND STILL HOPEFUL posted by Roseanne H. on July 04, 19100 at 18:44:34:

Although we must all be realistic, it is a positive thing to also be hopeful. Good luck!

: I was married at 38, then lived in the Caribbean where there were no fertility doctors. Time went by slowly but surely, and now I've just turned 46. Luckily, I'm back in the good ol' U.S.A., and I have an excellent doctor. However, he is very honest with me: my chances of conceiving with my own eggs are slim to none. I still insist upon trying, however, and I will do so (every two months or so, not consecutively) until I feel that all hope is lost. I am preparing myself for "closure" at that point, which will probably be within the next 6 months or so.

: I was first on a high dosage of Clomid, but only produced two eggs. The insemination was unsuccessful. I later tried Gonol-F, also a high dosage (8 vials a day), which produced nothing, so the doctor stopped my treatment. Last month I was on Pergonal, and the same thing happened (nothing).

: My doctor told me that I have false hope, but that he is not going to say "no" to me. We agreed that I should go on the birth control pill for two months (suppressing ovulation seems to trigger good ovulation when the pill is stopped), and then I will try again with fertility medication. Please pray for me.

: My best chance for achieving a pregnancy would be through donor eggs, but I am not sure I want that yet.

: Are there any success stories out there, of women over 45 getting pregnant with their own eggs? Thanks and God bless.

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