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Posted by on June 30, 19100 at 21:36:39:

In Reply to: Infertility and the Media posted by Carolyn Berger, AIA Chair and Ellen Bender, AIA Board Member on June 30, 19100 at 15:43:56:

: The American Infertility Association believes that working with the media to educate the public about infertility issues is important. While we do not have control over the final "product," we do the best we can to ensure that the pieces are accurate and balanced. Sometimes mistakes and misstatements occur through no fault of our own. However, we will continue to work hard to get these stories out -- largely because spotlighting infertility issues can help all of us reach our goals. Only an educated, infertility-aware public is going to understand the need for an insurance mandate to cover infertility. Only a public that understands the struggles of the infertile will support such a bill. Occasionally, we lose something and this should be responded to within the context of an ongoing dialogue with the media. What we can't afford as a group of people sharing many similar goals is to use this and other message boards to attack others. We cannot afford to expend all our energy flaming others when there is so much work to be done. Carolyn Berger, AIA Chair and Ellen Bender, AIA Board Member

Dear Carolyn and Ellen,

I absolutely agree 100% with everything that you have said. However, I have read through all the threads on this subject and I truly do not see one message that could be construed as a "flame".
People stated their valid opinions, for/against, as to how they felt regarding the further exploration with the media on self medicators, and how it would portray the IF community, good or bad.

Everyone that saw the GMA black market piece knows that the attack was to Nancy Snyderman's remarks and not to a member of this board. If difference of opinion is an attack, then all the message boards would be empty. We are here to support, help and discuss, and should not, again, take a difference of opinion as a personal attack.


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