For Immediate Release
June 6, 2000


Shannon Richardson



- Medications Often Ineffective, Crippling Couples' Attempts to Achieve Pregnancy -


Internet sales of prescription drugs are flourishing, fertility drugs included. Some infertility patients, in efforts to save money, are engaging in the risky practice of purchasing fertility drugs from unlicensed sellers, such as foreign companies or individuals selling their leftover medication.

"Most patients don't realize the risk they take by purchasing prescription fertility medications from unlicensed Internet sellers," says Pamela Madsen, Executive Director of the American Infertility Association. "These drugs are often ineffective because they don't meet proper dosing standards or may have been stored improperly. Patients hoping to save a little money by purchasing these medications ultimately put their health and the success of their fertility treatments at risk."

Russel Gellis, Rph of Apthorp Pharmacy in New York, adds, "There are numerous licensed, specialist pharmacies on the Internet that can provide fertility patients with top-of-the-line medicines, often at a discount to neighborhood drugstore prices. Patients should make sure they buy their medications from licensed sellers to ensure the most effective treatment."
A list of the DOs and DON'Ts of purchasing fertility medications is available on the AIA Web site at

Who: Pamela Madsen, Executive Director of American Infertility Association, and Russel Gellis, Rph, FACA, Apthorp Pharmacy are available for interviews. Please call Shannon Richardson at to arrange an interview.
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