by Anthony John Penepent, M.D., M.P.H.

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)Among human maladies, infertility is one which responds readily to natural methods.  There are limiting factors such as congenital anomalies, irreparable tissue damage, or being beyond the reproductive age limit.  Otherwise, the condition lends itself to predictable results.

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)Reproduction is central to the continuation of life.  Therefore, nature has given the reproductive organ tremendous regenerative capacity, which can be unleashed by returning to a primordial diet and if necessary through fasting.  (Fasting must be supervised by a physician).

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)Fasting is not required in most cases for infertility is usually due to long term nutritional deficiency.   This may be typified by a woman with a menstrual disorder or a man with a low sperm count.

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)When diet alone is not enough, fasting has tremendous therapeutic potential.  Its use dates back to Roman times and before.  It permits deep physiologic rest and allows the God like intelligence present in every cell to amplify and seek its tendency for maximum health.   Energy is conserved so detoxicative organs such as the liver and kidney can function at full capacity.  Wastes and decadent tissues are catabolized.   Repairs are effected.  There is a recalibration of internal clocks and a realignment of physiologic functions.  In short, our cells, tissues, and our body as a whole return to the womb of nature.

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)Infertility as well as other diseases and disorders occur because we have violated our inner light.   We have acquired perverted appetites and have not identified and pursued our ecologic destiny.  These are fundamental reasons underlying infertility and other conditions.  Therefore, our failure to eat balanced meals and sufficient quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables aw well as our habits and addictions to cigarette smoking, coffee drinking, alcohol and drug use and abuse all are contributing factors.

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)It is a travesty for couples to languish over reproductive problems when they are usually so easy to correct.

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)My diets are scientifically planned with natural foods and are written in accordance to rhythms, especially lunar, and seasonal cycles.  Homeopathic remedies are used to catalyze the processes of detoxification and assimilation.

sp8x48.gif (104 bytes)Please consult your conventional fertility specialist first.  If he is unable to help you; or, his therapy has unacceptable inherent risks, do not hesitate to consult with me.  My regimen is non-toxic in every way.  I am highly confident that your fertility can be restored in most cases.


Anthony John Penepent, M.D., M.P.H.
Board Certified Family Practice Master of Public Health Nutrition

..Practice Limited to Fertility through Natural Hygiene & Homeopathy..
Boro Park Manhattan Long Island