THE EGG DONOR PROGRAM in Los Angeles California was established in 1991 and is run by Shelley Smith, a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor who is the mother of 3 year old twins conceived through ovum donation.

The program specializes in matching people as closely as possible to their donors and gives recipients the choice of many bright and attractive young women. Available data includes photographs of the donor and her family, an intelligence assessment, three generations of genetic, medical and career history, and a face to face meeting if desired. There are over one hundred outstanding donors readily available.

40% of all donations occur with out of the country or out of state recipients. These couples have an initial phone consultation and prospective donor files are sent overnight. The recipient mother can expect to be in Los Angeles for approximately one week for the embryo transfer. We work with a few of the top fertility specialists in Los Angeles and have achieved a 60% success rate throughout the years.

The surrogacy program was founded in 1991 and has since facilitated many successful pregnancies. The program has been kept small so that couples and surrogates may receive immediate personalized care. Surrogates are carefully screened, psychologically tested and chosen for their humanitarian intentions. The program offers full and ongoing services for surrogate couples and parents.