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Children's Hope International
Welcome to the wonderful world of Adoption!

We want to thank you for visiting us here online.
Your child may be waiting for you somewhere - the child that is longing for a home as you are longing for a child. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". It may be that your visit here is that first step on the journey of love called adoption.

CHI had its beginnings in 1982 overseas and was incorporated in the U.S. in 1992 as a licensed not-for-profit adoption and humanitarian agency with programs in: China, Russia, India, Guatemala and Vietnam. Our work is based on relationships that have been established for many years throughout the world. The CHI home office is in St. Louis, Missouri with affiliate branches and associate agencies in various locations in the US and eight offices abroad. At the present time we place about 350 children each year. Almost one every day. Nothing could be more fulfilling. Our staff in the U.S. assists families in preparing their paperwork and our experienced bi-lingual staff abroad assists in identifying children and processing the adoption there.
russia.jpg (17532 bytes) Our program in Russia is extensive, overseen by ten persons in six regions dedicated to assisting you if you should choose to adopt there. We are committed to giving our devoted attention to adoptions in Russia. We make it our aim to be well informed and in touch, with a view of giving very personal care to families in preparation, in travel and in successfully finalizing the adoption. We have traveled widely in Russia establishing relationships and working out adoption details with officials in the central and regional governments as well as with orphanage directors. We have a National Coordinator and Travel Coordinator in Moscow with full-time representatives in a number of different regions in Russia committed to helping you with your adoption.
china.jpg (14726 bytes) China's Children is a division of Children's Hope International. As one of the first agencies to begin adoption in China we place more children from China than any other country. All the children come from welfare homes/orphanages. At the present time it takes about 6 months after all documents are submitted before there is a referral. You will get to make a journey of love to China within 2 months after referral to get your child. You will be met and assisted the entire time by one of our China Coordinators who are quite caring and knowledgeable about the whole adoption process. You will have about 12-14 very special days there before returning home with your child.

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The India child caring agency we work with is noteworthy because of the extraordinary care the babies and children receive: the most nutritious baby food available, routine immunizations and tests, and regular weekly visits from a pediatrician. The ratio of babies to baby nurses is very low which means the babies receive a lot of individual care and attention from a woman who comes to truly love each one. The babies are cared for night and day by the same primary baby nurse from the day they enter the nursery until they leave. This attention to the care of the infants and children marks our children's center as one of the very best in India. Many beautiful, healthy babies and toddlers in India need families. The child can either be escorted home or families can elect to travel to complete the adoption in India.

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Guatemala has many children awaiting adoption, especially infants and newborns [at the time of referral]. Toddlers and older children are also available. The adoption process from Guatemala is not difficult. We will help you prepare your complete adoption dossier to be sent to our contacts for placement. Depending on the particular source and the age and sex of the child requested, the wait for a referral after submission of dossier can vary from 1-3 months. Once the dossier is sent to Guatemala, the court proceedings will take approximately 6 months. You may choose the gender of your baby. Babies are cared for in excellent foster care homes. Families who travel to Guatemala will be assisted through the journey by our Guatemalan representatives. Guatemala is truly one of the most beautiful countries on earth and you can expect your travel to be a wonderful experience.

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Children from Vietnam are placed from five different provinces, at present, all in the south and we are involved in humanitarian aid projects in those areas as well. Very precious children there need homes. If you choose to apply to adopt in Vietnam, you can expect to travel about 4-6 months after CHI sends your papers there. Our Vietnam Coordinator here will guide and assist you throughout the preparation and with the travel. Our bi-lingual representative in Vietnam will meet you at the airport and will be with you the entire time. The Giving and Receiving ceremony will take place the next day and the other formalities can be finished in perhaps 2 more weeks. Meanwhile you can get to know your child better as you visit this lovely country.

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