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PCOS is a spectrum of symptoms and signs- that is, some women have just a few signs of the disease and others have many aspects of PCOS. You do not need high blood sugar or high cholesterol to have the disease, nor must you have a classic appearance of PCO on ultrasound. Regardless, however, of what we call the disorder you have, it is important to establish normal periods and address your concerns re: acne and weight gain. Good luck!
: I recently read the Ladies Home Journal article on PCOS. I have been to several doctors, two of which did ultrasounds to check for polycystic ovaries because of my symptoms: not only do I not get a period regularly, but when I do -every six months- I do not stop bleeding and have to take progesterone to stop. However, besides irregular periods, a lifetime of struggling with an extra 20 pounds or so, and acne (when I was off the pill) I don't have any of the other symptoms. In fact my fasting blood sugar is lower than normal (65) and my good cholestorol is exceptionally high (95) So I'm told. And the ultrasound showed normal ovaries although after blood tests, my doctor said I hadn't ovulated. Could I still have PCOS? I am 30 and have not tried to get pregnant but would like to someday.

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