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Posted by on March 10, 19100 at 19:35:20:

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15. I'm 27 now,
am obese, hairy everywhere, have impossible acne, and
sporatic periods. For 11 years, my obgyn told me I
was fat and that I needed to stop whining and lose
weight. He treated me with birth control pills.
Fortunately I was able to conceive and have a beautiful
little girl. About 18 months ago, I began searching
for someone who knew about PCOS and how to treat it.
I cried when I walked in the endocrinologists office
and the receptionist didn't say "you're here for what?
What's that?" For the first time someone knew what I
was talking about. For the first time I didn't feel
like a freak. Since April 1999, I've been on
Glucophage, Rezulin, Spironolactone, and Estrostep.
My periods are closer to normal for the first time
in seven years but the acne, hair, and weight are
being stubborn. I don't know that I have any specific
questions, I'm just so excited that I bought a copy of
Ladies Home Journal. I'm also excited that this site
is here and I want everyone out there with PCOS to
realize that you are not alone. I'm not alone either.

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